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Candle Decor

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Upload a design or print any text you want!  Please contact us for specific requests.

PLEASE NOTE, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MATERIAL ONLY BE APPLIED TO THE SPECIFIED ITEM. Other applications may decrease the life span of decal, vinyl, or sticker and/or damage application site.

Our 3M material is tougher and more durable as it is meant to last up to 7-9 years. This material is made for those who are interested in printing vinyls, decals, and stickers for long term use. In the past, this material was most popular for those wanting to decorate for parting gifts, bridal showers, or even singular use. Decal can be removed without leaving residue with the proper tools.

**Objects shown in picture not included**


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Ohana Graphix offers the most durable decals in the market. Choose from our wide array of pre-made vinyls, decals and stickers, or custom make your own design. 

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